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About Us

Founder & COO

Xtracare Innovative Solutions (XCIS) is a fast growing power back up Solutions Company driven by technology and innovation ideas. XCIS aim is to provide constant power supply that is efficient, low cost effective and green that will make everyone life easy and comfortable. Our product range comprises of Inverter/UPS, batteries (both inverter and Solar) apart from complete solar solutions. We are putting our best efforts to bring the best quality product for our clients.

XCIS top priority to understand customers’ needs so we are catering product which are suitable to Indian needs and conditions. Our products can withstand irregular Indian conditions and are known to perform effortlessly even under the most opposing conditions. We have solutions to every problem with regards to power.

For renewable energy, no doubt, India is a big power house; we harness the sun's energy in the most efficient way and use it to power the needs of all category business houses. Even in the IT industry where a reliable power source is crucial for its proper functioning, we are willing to replace all the old power back up systems.

Solar Solutions are the most viable option in the current scenario. We are an enlightened organization, constantly evolving and improvising our technology as per current needs.

We are putting our strong footing not only in national market but also in international markets too. We have full confidence that our sophisticated Eco-Friendly technology will captured the market as well as hearts of our valuable clients.

Our Services

Xtracare Innovative Solutions, (XCIS) owned by a team of experienced, dedicated to their work profiles and serving the best to their client network. The Team members have individual experience in their respective field.

The XCIS is to understand business structure of clients' that the core objective, meeting clients' and societies' needs and sees, could be corresponded. The Company is been accommodative to changing society and business for providing leading edge technology. In order to chase the best quality and service, a strong financial strength and skills to manage high risk, we believe manpower is asset that composed of foresight, leverage, originality and ingenuity.


Our Basic Goal & Strengths

  • To generate a high standard of commitment to our customers
  • To treat our clients, suppliers and employees with honesty and respect them
  • To provide a quality working environment with advanced technology that enhance all employees quality of life
  • To offer an unsurpassed level of service at the most competitive rates
  • Sharing our vast of experience
  • Always working and respecting the- Win–Win Principle
  • Being always in search of excellence
  • Believing in universal values
  • Believing in customer satisfaction
  • In the near future, XCIS aims to establish regional dealerships in every part of India through e-commerce activities with its own branded and products as well as the products of the producers that already have business cooperation with us

Our Core values:

  • Our core competency is our customer relationship
  • Procurement / process and Protecting our customers’ benefit
  • Taking care of rendering our customers always providing higher quality product and service
  • Ensuring efficient and reliable team work
  • Adopting transparent and law-abiding working principles

Future Project Under Process

XCIS is started step to be known as the one stop shop for all. We will be coming up with retailers from consumer electronics, home appliances, power products, Electronic Vehicle, Electric & Electronic goods.

Promotor Profile

Mr. Jagdish Kumar, Founder & COO (Promoter) of Xtracare Innovative Solutions (XCIS) graduated in Geography from Delhi University (Dayal Singh College). He also holds many certificates for best cadet of NCC junior wing as well as winner of inter college tournament team in volley ball.

He is having a vast experience of Professional ground and having specialization in the field of Marketing, sales and administration apart from Export business. He has worked always with Top management professional of the Industry since 1990 till 2019

Within a span 6 moths he has launched Xtracare Innovative Solutions for serving initially to the customer particularly of Uttar Pradesh. To cate entire Uttar Pradesh as well to Nepal he has opened an office in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

XCIS, in process, to have its own office as well as service points in Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Dehradun and Haldwani (Nainital) to cater its customer’s their best product and service.